Magat community inaugurates ER 1-94 and CSR projects

Posted on January 28, 2017
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Community Relations Sr. Supervisor Ness Adsuara inaugurates the new concrete footbridge and drainage system in barangay Planas, Ramon, Isabela.

Barangay Planas in Ramon, Isabela inaugurated two projects funded by SN Aboitiz Power-Magat under its CSR program and the Department of Energy’s ER 1-94 program on January 11.

A concrete footbridge, funded by SNAP’s CSR program, benefits 168 households. Residents, including schoolchildren, previously used a piece of wood as a makeshift bridge to get from one zone to the next. Seeing the potential danger, barangay officials proposed constructing a concrete footbridge, which provides a safe access road for the commuting public. A drainage system, installed through the DOE’s ER 1-94 fund, benefits 280 households and will help prevent flooding and erosion in the area.

SNAP-Magat is a joint venture between SN Power and AboitizPower. It owns and operates the 360-MW Magat Hydroelectric Power Plant on the border of Isabela and Ifugao.