SNAP produces and sells power as well as provides energy solutions through a variety of innovative packages.

Spot Selling

Our Magat, Ambuklao, and Binga facilities operate as peaking plants. A portion of our generated output has power purchase agreements with electric utilities while the rest is sold to the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

Ancillary Services

To help support the grid’s reliability and stability, we have also been a partner of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) in providing ancillary services. The types of ancillary service we can provide are regulating reserve, contingency reserve, dispatchable reserve, and black start.

Wholesale Services

Using local and international expertise, we provide a wide variety of services for wholesale customers depending on their needs:

Power Supply Contracts

Since SNAP is one of the largest providers of hydroelectric power, companies that contract on a wholesale level are able to reap benefits from making the choice to switch to renewable energy.

Financial Contracts

Companies that are interested in participating in the WESM may want to explore their options in financial contracting to better hedge their risk.

Forward Contracts

Through first-rate forecasting tools and best practices channeled from our international orientation, we can provide you with fair prices should you need to contract for future requirements.

Retail Services

We provide retail electricity services through our duly licensed Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) company, SN Aboitiz Power-RES, Inc. (SNAP-RES).

SNAP-RES aims to become the country's leading retail electricity supplier by providing innovative solutions that complement each industry's unique requirements through our simple, fair and transparent contractual products. SNAP-RES continues to build sustainable partnerships with industry leaders and movers by becoming the solutions provider of choice.

To know more about retail electricity contract features and other information about retail electricity supply contracting, please visit the SNAP-RES website.