Norwegian Companies Pave the Way for Sustainable Energy Transition in the Philippines

Posted on March 18, 2024
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Manila, 13 March 2024 – Norwegian companies are strategically aligning their investments with the Philippines’ energy transition goals, focusing on key areas such as hydropower, wind, battery storage and solar farm developments. This underscores their commitment to contributing to the country’s shift towards sustainable and renewable energy sources.

At the forefront of this green transition is Scatec, a leading Norwegian renewable energy solutions provider. With a strong presence in the Philippines for over two decades, Scatec, in collaboration with AboitizPower, has played a pivotal role in advancing hydropower, solar, and battery storage projects. Through its joint venture SNAP, the company has significantly contributed to the deployment of hydropower and battery storage.

The historic collaboration between Norway and the Philippines in the energy sector began in 2005 when SN Power, now Scatec, entered the market. Today, SNAP stands as one of the largest private hydropower companies in the country, marking a testament to the enduring partnership between the two nations.

The deployment of hydropower, battery storage, and the pilot floating solar technology was highlighted at the recent blessing of SNAP’s Magat BESS facility. The Magat hydropower plant stands as the sole facility in the Philippines that co-locates three complementary renewable energy technologies. To maintain this progress, SNAP aims to enhance its momentum by extending its fleet of battery energy storage systems (BESS). Although these endeavors are in their initial phases, they are anticipated to offer ancillary services and increase the overall capacity of renewable energy.

Key policy changes, including the opening up of 100% foreign ownership, have enhanced the investment climate in the Philippines, making it an attractive destination for Norwegian companies looking to support the country’s renewable energy initiatives. The Philippine government’s commitment to renewable energy further aligns with Norway’s expertise in delivering technology and solutions that promote a smooth energy transition.

In expressing shared ambitions for renewable energy and green growth, the Norwegian Ambassador commends the Philippine government’s dedication to clean energy.

“We are very excited for the Philippine government as its message to the entire world is clear: transition to clean, renewable, and sustainable energy,” said Norwegian Ambassador to the Philippines Christian Lyster, who had to attend the event virtually due to weather conditions.

“It showcases how new technology, such as BESS, can add value to existing sources of renewable energy,” the Ambassador added.

“Norway is pioneering renewable energy solutions in the Philippines, and we are very excited for new projects that can help the Philippines towards its renewable energy targets. Today’s inauguration is one of these projects, and a testament to the willingness of companies to invest in the Philippine energy transition,” said Ambassador Christian Lyster.

“I would like to congratulate Scatec for this important milestone which I hope will add great value to their operations in the Philippines,” he added.

“The Magat BESS project exemplifies our commitment to advancing renewable energy-complementary solutions in the Philippines. This contributes to the country’s energy transition and our vision to achieve a sustainable energy future,” says Joseph Yu, SNAP President & CEO.

“Norwegian companies, with their expertise, have proven to play a vital role in supporting the Philippines’ energy transition. We are eager to continue our collaboration and contribute to the country’s sustainable development,” says Andrea Isabel Co, Scatec Country Manager for the Philippines.

“The Magat facility is the first of its kind as it brings together three different technologies: hydro, floating solar, and a battery energy storage system. In the same spirit, collaborations with like-minded energy firms like Scatec are special as it also brings together diverse talents, technologies, and expertise to, not only contribute to AboitizPower’s RE growth strategy, but to help forward a shared future of clean and sustainable power generation,” says Alexander Coo, AboitizPower COO for Renewable Energy Generation.